Audi logoAudi R8: Performance Exhaust Development at Milltek Sport

Now that we've finished putting a few miles on the brand new Audi R8 it's been handed over to the technicians at Milltek have started work and will not stop until they've reached that magic balance between incredible performance, aggressive but subtle sound, and aesthetic perfection that has become the signature of all Milltek's products.

"that's a gain of 20.4HP, just from the cat-back system!!!"

The car has been tested on the dynamometer before we started work on the performance exhaust system (see the video clip below) and the car has shown a standard figure of 391.9bhp. Since developing the exhaust system, we have retested the car and it's now producing an impressive 412.3bhp - that's a gain of 20.4HP, just from the cat-back system!!!

It takes over 21ft of stainless steel tubing (among other parts and materials) to maintain the critical path of the gas flow away from the engine. Using the experience gained from our successful development of the Audi B7 RS4 V8 system, we have managed not only to replicate the impressive power and torque gains achieved on the RS4 but also managed to package the R8 system with a 15kg weight saving!


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