BMW logoBMW 5 Series M5 5.0 V8 (E39)

1998 to 2004

Hi-Flow Sports Cats
Must be fitted with the Milltek Sport cat-back system and requires a Stage 2 ECU remap
System Number: SSXBM391
Consists of:
Tailpipe Style:
1 x LH Hi-Flow Sports Catalyst
1 x RH Hi-Flow Sports Catalyst
  Pipe Ø: 2.50" (63.50mm) *
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Adobe Acrobat IconDownload Exhaust Fitting Instructions as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file {1.2mb}

* Pipe sizes may vary from part-to-part. Pipe diameters are indicative of the system as a whole and do not necessarily mean every part is of a uniform size.

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What our Customers had to say...

''long journeys are a real pleasure''

Finally bitten the bullet and had primary cat back Milltek exhaust fitted. Exhaust is only slightly louder than stock, nicely bassy at low revs, nice howl at higher revs. Main thing I changed the exhaust for…no drone. Used to suffer nasty in cabin drone at 2300-2800 revs, now long journeys are a real pleasure instead of having to keep the revs above or below the drone band.