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Lucas Orrock at Silverstone Race Circuit with his Milltek Sport-sponsored VW Scirocco Race Car

Milltek Sport's involvement with Volkwagen Racing and Lucas Orrock

Milltek Sport is the principle sponsor of the 2015 championship and provides racing exhaust/catalyst solutions to most Volkswagen Racing teams. This has a mutual benefit to not only Milltek and the racing teams but also anyone who purchases a Milltek exhaust for their road car.

On top of sponsoring the entire racing series, Milltek Sport has a history of giving financial and technical backing to one of the competitors - this year the chosen driver is Lucas Orrock in his VW Scirocco race car.

It was his fighting spirit and singular focus on winning that drew Milltek's attention to him

Lucas made his debut in the Volkswagen Racing Cup in 2014 and was in the championship title race right up until the final corner of the last race of the season - not bad for a rookie! It was his fighting spirit and singular focus on winning that drew Milltek's attention to him and it's also opened other racing doors for him. Milltek Sport also sponsor him as part of their 24H Series racing team in their Endurance VW Golf racer. Through the endurance racing programme, Lucas has driven with the likes of British Touring Car legend Matt Neal. Milltek Sport drafted in Matt Neal for the Mugello round of the 24hr series, and together with Lucas they didn’t disappoint: scoring a podium 2nd place finish against tough opposition. Lucas and Matt set nearly identical fastest event times, showing they were a formidable combination.

Lucas' Volkswagen 2015 Scirocco Race Car

Lucas also supports us at track events and helps with testing of new exhausts to the limit to ensure they are ready for the anything customers can throw at them.

Lucas in the Pits discussing tactics

Lucas Commenting on his relationship with Milltek Sport:

I have a deep rooted passion and love for Motorsport, and all things that go fast. When I first met with the Milltek team and viewed the Milltek factory and premises I could tell that everyone at Milltek shares that same passion, their drive to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible with their products is truly inspiring.


Milltek has always taken an active role in Motorsport because racing provides the ultimate test-bed for its products.

Milltek knows that a true motorsport exhaust must offer exceptional durability, remain reliable race-after-race, satisfy race circuit drive-by noise regulations, and yet still provide enough performance to win a championship.

The information that feeds back from racing teams helps to make not only the racing exhausts better but also alters the way Milltek make all their products.

When you buy a Milltek exhaust, you know it's good enough to win, time and time again!


Current VW Racing Cup Driver Standings

Driver Profile: Lucas Orrock

Lucas with his Scirocco at Silverstone
Date of Birth 24 June 1990
Nationality British
Height 184cm
Weight 90kg
Race Results 3 Times British Karting Champion
  Multiple European Karting Championship podium finishes
  Race winner and 2014 vice champion in the Volkwagen Racing Cup
  2nd place finish in 12H of Mugello in the Milltek Sport Golf
  Multi-podium finisher and finished 2nd overall in the 2015 Volkswagen Racing Championship
  In September 2015 Lucas received his Silver FIA Endurance Driver Classification
Interesting Fact Lucas and his dad's ritual before every championship deciding race is to listen to Led Zeppelin 'Stairway to Heaven' on the drive to the circuit.