BMW logoBMW M3 Saloon and BMW M4 Coupé Performance Exhaust System

F82 BMW M4 (left) and F80 BMW M3 (right)

2014 and later BMW M Division cars get Milltek Sport performance exhaust systems

Milltek Sport has released details of its hand-finished stainless steel exhaust system for BMW’s range-topping M4 coupe and M3 saloon pairing. As the two must-have tuner cars of the moment, Milltek has taken many weeks and months of focussed R&D time to perfect a system that balances looks, power and a sublime soundtrack in an attractive package.

Having already created several solutions for other recently released M-powered cars, Milltek’s engineers already have enviable experience in getting the best from Munich’s finest power-plants. Therefore, this new system uses the existing and well-proven EC approved cat back technology, but with the added functionality of Milltek’s latest valve technology, utilising OE spec BMW electronic valves in its construction – still controlled via the factory command systems.

In fact, these intelligent new valves have been designed to seamlessly integrate with the car’s central electronics, enabling a more sporty and aggressive tone when either “Sport” or “Sport Plus” modes are selected, but when the vehicle is left in “Comfort” or “Eco Pro” modes, a more subtle and OEM-esque note is produced, making for sophisticated and refined cruising comfort, even at high speed.

For those looking for OEM levels of legality, an E-mark stamped fitment offers a hand-finished and EC-approved centre silencer, or for those looking for a more purposeful note, a selection of ‘Race’ systems are available which feature a more distinctively toned centre silencer box. While still refined and useable every day, these upgrades are certainly the option for those really looking to accentuate the M3/M4’s superb engine note.

Cerakote Black Tips are available as an option as are Polished or lightweight Titanium

Milltek BMW M4 Coupé from Milltek Sport on Vimeo.

Photo of the Race cat-back system with Polished tips (SSXBM997)

The new system has been designed around carefully optimised dual 70mm pipework which features a thoughtfully calculated 1.2mm wall thickness to ensure minimal weight. Each system is hand finished from aerospace grade, non-magnetic stainless-steel pipework, which in testing, offered the best balance between flow and back pressure for maximum throttle response. Tips wise, the tastefully-styled GT90 tips perfectly fill either car’s rear valance and are available in either polished or Cerakote black finishes.

Sport catalyst and cat-delete downpipe options are planned for release in early 2016.