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James Walker in the Milltek Sport VW Golf Racer at Silverstone 2014

Milltek Sport's involvement with Volkwagen Racing

Milltek Sport is the principle sponsor of the 2014 championship and provides racing exhaust/catalyst solutions to most Volkswagen Racing teams. This has a mutual benefit to not only Milltek and the racing teams but also anyone who purchases a Milltek exhaust for their road car.

Milltek has always taken an active role in Motorsport because racing provides the ultimate test-bed for its products.
Milltek knows that a true motorsport exhaust must offer exceptional durability, remain reliable race-after-race, satisfy race circuit drive-by noise regulations, and yet still provide enough performance to win a championship.

The information that feeds back from racing teams helps to make not only the racing exhausts better but also alters the way Milltek make all their products.

When you buy a Milltek exhaust, you know it's good enough to win, time and time again!

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''I've never seen anything quite like the Volkswagen Cup. Boasting an example of just about every type of VW model and powertrain, from normally aspirated and turbocharged petrol engines to surprisingly potent turbo diesels... the regulations are a clever piece of work.'' Simon Harrison, Evo Magazine

Background Information

Launched in 2000, the Volkswagen Racing Cup is widely regarded as the most exciting saloon car championship in the UK and for 2014 it remains the sole saloon support race in the prestigious British GT Championship package.

Open to any model of racing Volkswagen, the Cup has attracted drivers of the Beetle, Corrado, Vento & Golf VR6, Golf GTI and R of every generation, Jetta, Scirocco, Polo, Lupo and Bora models. For a car to be allowed to race in the championship, it will need to be issued with a Volkswagen Racing logbook. To be eligible for this, it must either be a car that has competed in the championship in the past two years, or if it is new to the championship, it must be less than 10 years old.

Engine usage has been as varied as car choice, with turbocharged and even turbodiesel power joining the established four and six cylinder engines. This variety of machinery, representing Volkswagens of all ages, has made for one of the most colourful and diverse grids in motorsport, and is always a real hit with spectators.

The innovative regulations put all cars into a single class based on power to weight ratios. The idea of a lightweight Polo GTI challenging a powerful V6

Beetle and a torquey TDI Golf for overall victory is a real experience for drivers, teams and spectators alike.

An important facet is the continuing stability of the regulations, which is a fundamental principle behind the championship. Unlike 'one-make' championships, cars developed for the Volkswagen Racing Cup can be assured of many years of racing under stable regulations. This means that teams and drivers can invest in the cost of a new car confident in the knowledge that the car will remain eligible and its value will be retained over years to come.

With Volkswagen Racing UK running the series stability is ensured as well as the sort of profile that the championship deserves over future years. The championship features the major benefit of Motors TV television coverage, plus a high quality hospitality service, and other benefits for competitors throughout the season.

VW Racing first corner at Snetterton 2011
The double-header race format of the racing features seven weekends in the UK, which keeps the time and cost commitment of teams and drivers lower than most other series, and provides spectators with a very full day of Volkswagen action.

High standards of driving and presentation befitting a championship with manufacturer backing and television coverage are expected of all participating drivers and teams. But above all, the Volkswagen Racing Cup remains a friendly championship where team spirit and camaraderie in the paddock count for more than on-track heroics.