VW Golf Mk6 Performance Exhausts

Milltek Sport has been developing stainless steel performance exhaust solutions for the Volkswagen Golf since 1983 and have produced some of the most successful and widely-enjoyed Golf upgrades across the world.



VW Golf GTi
VW Golf R


Milltek has developed the ultimate performance exhaust system for the new VW Golf GTi MkVI which not only offers scintillating power potential but invigorates the senses with its dynamic and red-blooded soundtrack.

To create this system, Milltek technicians have opted to use full-bore 76mm / 3-inch pipework and a twin compact rear silencer for effortless gas flow. However, Milltek understand that most owners will want to use their cars every day, and don't want a constant and intrusive booming from their exhaust. As a result, after painstaking road testing, they found that a volume-specific centre silencer, also known as a resonator, was needed to keep unwanted noise when cruising under control.

Milltek's 3-inch Race Exhaust system for the MKVI Golf GTi

VW Golf GTi with Milltek Race exhaust

Customer feedback

"In very simple terms I am 100% over the moon with the system, everything I wanted in terms of performance, sound quality and looks and it's exceeded my expectations of the system. It has even passed the test for the other half driving the car without complaining :-)"


The R32 was always an extremely popular product for Milltek and they knew they had to get it right with the new R. In May 2010, Milltek purchased their own Volkswagen Golf R to use as a development vehicle to ensure that when they did release an exhaust system, it would be the best it could possibly be.

Despite the drop from the old 6-cylinder VR6 engine down to 4-cylinders of the latest Golf R, Milltek's technicians produced an exhaust system that has far more character and depth of sound than any forced-induction engine has any right to!

Milltek's performance exhaust for the VW Golf Mk6 R features vacuum-operated Active Exhaust Valve technology to control the amount of sound leaving the tailpipes

Even more impressive than the sound coming from those ultra lightweight dual 100mm tailpipes is the performance gains it offers - with a higher pressure fuel pump and an ECU remap - Milltek's Golf R was rated at a very conservative 330bhp (up from 265bhp) and torque was rated at an impressive 430Nm!

Titanium tailpipes for the Golf R

Both the car and its exhaust system were tested regularly on the race track and its new-found levels of performance proved relentlessly consistent, allowing it to frequently overtake vehicles with much higher power outputs. But, it's not just on the race track that this exhaust impresses, it's equally happy facing a long cross country journey or a trip to the shops - remaining quiet under light throttle loads and only releasing its aggressive sound when you want it to.

Milltek VW Golf R with Titanium tailpipe trims

What our Golf customers had to say...

''2 words describe The fit, the look, and the sound...SIMPLY AMAZING!! Thank you Milltek!!

''I can honestly say that the Milltek is the most superior exhaust in fitment, sound quality, and performance I've seen.

''During the first start I had a grin that was from ear to ear and it kept growing once i took it out for a drive. The exhaust note is perfect and surprisingly for a non-resonated system there was no drone in the cabin which was a super +++. Performance wise, the car's response was rapid and extremely smooth.

''Thanks for once again outdoing yourselves in the production of phenomenal exhaust systems. Its the consistency that has kept me coming back to you for my much loved passion for cars that I own.