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Audi Tuner Audi Tuner : October 2015

Audi Tuner Meets Steve Pound, MD of Milltek Sport

"Q&A session with the head of Milltek Sport"  Read full article
Motor Motor : September 2015 Applies to: Volkswagen Golf MK7 R 2.0 TSI 300PS

Hot Tuner Challenge 2015

"Milltek Sport importer Harding Performance takes on Australia's finest tuners with their VW Golf R Mk7 - can Harding's skull-motif Golf R deliver another Hot Tuner killing?"  Read full article
Total911 Total911 : August 2015 Applies to: Porsche 911 997.1 Carrera and Carrera S

A Sound Investment

"I was really impressed with the transformation; the car sounded much more alive, just like any 911 should!"  Read full article
Volkswagen Driver Volkswagen Driver : November 2014 Applies to: Volkswagen Jetta Mk6 GLI 2.0 TSI

400 bhp 4WD Jetta!

"Less its logos, this could be one of the most deceptive-looking road and track cars out there, with the subtle saloon bodyshell belying its highly modified 400bhp 2.0-litre TSI engine and 4Motion running gear..."  Read full article
Top Gear Top Gear : April 2014 Applies to: Volkswagen Golf MK7 GTi (including GTi Performance Pack, Clubsport & Clubsport S models)

First drive: Milltek Golf GTI

"Oh great, someone's been tampering with a Golf GTI. Yes, the Golf GTI is such a respected all-rounder now that tampering with it seems almost indecent. It's as if Laura Ashley had started selling bondage gear. However, since VW itself isn't above adding extra power to the platform (see our recent drive of the new Golf R) maybe we should cut Milltek some slack. After all, the gains they've got from the 4cyl 2.0-litre turbo are, well, remarkable."  Read full article
EVO EVO : April 2014 Applies to: Volkswagen Golf MK7 GTi (including GTi Performance Pack, Clubsport & Clubsport S models)

Milltek VW Golf GTi Mk7

"Tuning specialist boosts Mk7 Golf to 312bhp with raft of upgrades"  Read full article
Audi Driver Audi Driver : October 2013

The man behind the brand

"As one of the industry's best-known names, the story of Milltek Sport and its founder, Phil Millington, is more interesting than most. From humble beginnings, via royal patronage, to the scene stalwart it is today."  Read full article
Auto Express Auto Express : April 2013 Applies to: Toyota GT86 2.0 litre

Marangoni GT86-R Eco Explorer

"Milltek exhaust helps Italian tyre company to put a unique spin on Toyota's Coupe"  Read full article
Audi Driver Audi Driver : March 2013

Diesel Head

"Nobody ever bought a diesel car for the way it sounded, but it's always good to see the aftermarket making a bit of an effort to put a little aural delight back into proceedings"  Read full article
Audi Driver Audi Driver : January 2013 Applies to: Audi S5 3.0 TFSI B8 Sportback

ValveSonic: Sound System!

"Milltek's new ValveSonic system provides two exhausts in one - quiet and restrained, or rorty and sporty, at the touch of a button."  Read full article
Autocar India Autocar India : October 2012 Applies to: BMW 3 Series E46 M3 3.2 Coupe - Cabriolet

Dark Knight: BMW M3 E46

"The E46 is arguably the greatest M3 ever. Does it need more power? Pete's Performance thinks so. Which is why this one is supercharged."  Read full article
Performance Ford Performance Ford : October 2012 Applies to: Ford Focus MK2 RS 2.5T 305PS

Mountune MR375 Conversion

"We modify a Focus RS without the owner knowing anything about it. Taking a liberty? Not when we've treated him to a full Mountune MR375 conversion - the lucky fella..."  Read full article
EVO EVO : September 2012 Applies to: Subaru BRZ 2.0-litre

Litchfield Subaru BRZ

"Coupe tuned by British experts and featuring the Milltek Sport exhaust system."  Read full article
Auto Bild Auto Bild : July 2012 Applies to: New Mini Mk2 (R58) Cooper S Coupé


"Works mit 211 PS punkten, auf der anderen das scharf gemachte Coupe Cooper s von verhilft zum Sieg - die einfühlsame oder die kompromisslosere Variante?"  Read full article
Japanese Performance Japanese Performance : December 2011 Applies to: Nissan GT-R R35

Wrap Star

"There's no denying this vinyl-wrapped litchfield-tuned R35 GT-R is a real head turner, especially with 750bhp on tap!"  Read full article
Volkswagen Driver Volkswagen Driver : November 2011 Applies to: Volkswagen Golf Mk6 R 2.0 TFSI 270PS

Milltek's 330bhp VW Golf R DSG

"whether for use on the road or race track, Milltek's modified Golf R makes all the right moves, and all the right noises..."  Read full article
EVO EVO : December 2010 Applies to: Nissan GT-R R35

Tuned Car of the Year: Winner and #1 Runner Up

"EVO magazine's 2010 Car of the Year Awards issue, Milltek Sport exhaust-equipped cars took to the two top spots in the Tuned Car of the Year section. Litchfield Imports LM700 710bhp Nissan GT-R and APS Brackley / VF Engineering's Supercharged Audi R8."  Read full article
Cayman Club (USA) Cayman Club (USA) : July 2010 Applies to: Porsche Cayman S 3.4 987 Gen1

US Porsche Cayman S owners acclaim latest Milltek performance exhaust

"The Milltek complete exhaust system produced a healthy 21hp and 15lb/ft torque gain at the rear wheels. That's roughly 25hp at the motor or the equivalent of a 997 3.6 motor! The car now has a much more throaty sound but is quiet at idle thereby avoiding resonance problems. The exhaust gives the Cayman an angry snarl. I can't imagine that Milltek will be able to make these babies fast enough...the system is really that good."  Read full article
Redline Redline : October 2009 Applies to: Ford Focus Mk2 ST 225

The Ultimate Test

"How much difference do performance parts really make? Can you really improve on what manufacturers spend millions developing? We tune a Focus ST and take it to the Nürburgring to find out... Download the article below:"  Read full article
Fourtitude Fourtitude : July 2007 Applies to: Audi RS4 B7 4.2 V8 Saloon Avant and Cabriolet

Technical Features: Milltek Exhaust for B7 RS 4

""On the highway, sport mode is absolutely amazing; words can't accurately replicate or describe the sound. We couldn't be more pleased with the performance, look, and sound of the Milltek valved cat-back exhaust system on our RS 4.""  Read full article
Performance Tuner Performance Tuner : June 2007 Applies to: New Mini Mk2 (R56) Cooper S 1.6i Turbo

Review and independent power test of the Milltek R56 Mini Cooper S Turbo

"Can a high-performance exhaust system really boost engine power as much as some manufacturers claim? This Milltek Sport-equipped Mini 1.6 Turbo certainly seems to deliver the goods."  Read full article
Car Online Car Online : May 2007 Applies to: Volkswagen Golf MK5 R32 3.2 V6

Uprating my Golf R32 race car

"Tweaks under the bonnet - and some help from Milltek Sport - boost Graham Needham's racing fortunes"  Read full article
Fast Car Fast Car : December 2006 Applies to:

Staff Rides - Gez's S4 2.7T

"A good run showed that the pipes [cat-back system] gave a 10bhp hike from 3500 to 5500rpm - now that's proper realworld useful power. As for peak power, the cars were a limiting factor. I can't wait to see what she can do with the hi-flow versions on."  Read full article
Volkswagen Driver Volkswagen Driver : December 2006 Applies to: Volkswagen Golf MK5 R32 3.2 V6

R32 has been breathed upon by West Tuning at Thruxton, producing a race-worthy performance potential...

"...also installed a full-length free-flow Milltek Sport stainless steel exhaust system, incorportating high-flow catalytic converters. Not only does the Milltek system allow the engine to breathe more easily, but it also gives it a beautiful engine note, even more purposeful and sonorous than the standard system, without any of the loud, rorty noises so commonly associated with big-bore sports systems."  Read full article
GT Purely Porsche GT Purely Porsche : November 2006 Applies to: Porsche Cayman S 3.4 987 Gen1

Milltek Sport Porsche Cayman S - a Sound Investment

"today's Porsches deliver their performance in such a subtle and discrete manor that Milltek's latest offering appears to be the perfect compliment; it's quality is unquestionable, as are the company's claims, and more importantly it works."  Read full article
EVO EVO : October 2006 Applies to:

Litchfield Type 25 Subaru Impreza - Specialist car importer creates the ultimate Impreza

"Working with exhaust specialist Milltek, the Type 25 benefits from a purpose-built twin-scroll inlet manifold, which is ceramic coated inside and out to manage heat build-up. Imprezas don't get any better than this."  Read full article
EVO EVO : October 2006 Applies to: Audi RS4 B7 4.2 V8 Saloon Avant and Cabriolet

Fast Fleet - Audi RS4 V8

"The fuller, richer noise at low speeds will certainly turn more heads in town, and it makes the engine feel more eager elsewhere."  Read full article
Redline Redline : September 2006 Applies to: Volkswagen Golf Mk4 GTI 1.8T

Dav's Golf Mk4 1.8T

"my 1.8T has the potential for some decent power. But with the standard restrictive cat and exhaust, I needed a free flowing system to unleash it. After speaking to lots of 1.8T owners on forums and at shows, Milltek Sport was recommended again and again."  Read full article
Performance VW Performance VW : September 2006 Applies to: Volkswagen Golf Mk4 1.9 TDI PD and non-PD

VW Golf Mk4 150 GT TDi Exhaust and Remap

"The quality and design of the Milltek kit is so good that it went on better than some genuine items we've seen. This in itself was refreshing for an aftermarket product as they very rarely bolt straight on without the odd nip or tuck."  Read full article
EVO EVO : August 2006 Applies to: Audi RS4 B7 4.2 V8 Saloon Avant and Cabriolet

Milltek Sport Audi RS4

"Also tried an RS4 with an impressive aftermarket exhaust by Milltek that releases a bit more grunt and a lot more rumble"  Read full article
Volkswagen Driver Volkswagen Driver : June 2006

Repeat Performance - track day at Croft - sponsored by Milltek Sport

"Another successful track day at Croft, this year giving Volkswagen drivers the opportunity to mix it with other marques..."  Read full article
Audi Driver Audi Driver : June 2006

Track Attack at Croft - sponsored by Milltek Sport

"Sponsored by Milltek Sport, dominating the paddock area with an impressive display of its high-performance exhaust systems, several expert drivers from the Milltek crew provided demo drives..."  Read full article : May 2006 Applies to: Volkswagen Golf Mk5 2.0 TDI 140PS

Volkswagen Racing's Golf TDi - Milltek Exhaust

"Volkswagen Racing UK in Milton Keynes has developed a VW Golf TDI which will be raced by invited drivers in its 2004 VW Racing Cup single-marque series"  Read full article