Volkswagen Golf R32 MK5 gains 34 lb.ft torque and 39.5bhp with JBS/Custom Code and Milltek exhaust

VW Golf R32 MKV: gains 39.5bhp and 34lb.ft torque: click to enlargeCustom Code and JBS Auto Designs (one of Milltek's UK distributors) have developed an exciting new product for the MKV Golf R32 - called VVT Attack.

It's a complete recalibration of the Variable Valve Timing system which, in combination with the Milltek Sport cat-back system, released an extra 34 lb.ft torque in the mid-range on the JBS/CC development car! Improved thermal efficiency and the ability to run and maintain an optimized ignition angle also brought a solid power increase of 39.5 bhp (See dyno graph PDF)!

The VVT Attack calibration and Milltek exhaust also means that the engine runs cooler, prolonging engine and component life, and with improved fuel economy, substantially smoother running both at idle and when on load, greater willingness to rev, and provides smooth power delivery all the way to the rev limit. The improved exhaust cam calibration also allows the engine to expel the exhaust gases more efficiently, giving a much deeper and sportier sound to the exhaust note. It's also been fully tested on forced induction applications and is now available for the R32 Supercharger and JBS TS turbo kit series.

You can find more information on the VVT Attack system on the JBS website.