Milltek exhaust features on the winner of EVO magazine's Tuned Car of the Year Awards

Milltek-equipped cars take EVO awards by storm: click to enlargeWhat a great way to end the year, to have your products recognised by the one of the World's most influential car publications. EVO magazine's 2010 Car of the Year Awards issue, Milltek Sport exhaust-equipped cars took to the two top spots in the Tuned Car of the Year section (download the article).

EVO Tuned Car of the Year: Winner This year’s winner was the Litchfield LM700 Nissan GT-R. Litchfield Imports made a name for themselves in the Subaru tuning world and are a long-term partner of Milltek Sport. They have played an important part in the development of many of Milltek’s Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and more recently, Nissan GT-R exhaust products.

EVO said "It's hard to imagine significantly improving on the Nissan GT-R, just ask David Yu. So when we heard that legendary Subaru tuner Iain Litchfield was working on a GT-R project, we were both excited and a little fearful."They went on to say "Could he really improve upon on one of the greatest drivers' cars of the 21st-century? The answer is an emphatic yes".

Litchfield's Nissan GT-R is fitted with the full Milltek primary-cat-back exhaust system and the twin-turbo V6 was boosted from the standard 478bhp and 433lb/ft to a scarcely believable 710bhp and 650lb/ft for absurd levels of acceleration mid-gear thrust.

EVO's Richard Meaden summed it up "The result is a GT-R that feels factory standard in the way it functions, but NASA-spec in the way it devours any stretch of road you put in front of it. It’s our kind of car, and our Tuned Car of the Year for 2010".

This is not the first prize that this car has won; it was recently featured in Japanese Performance magazine winning their 'Best Nissan of the Year award' and was described by Dan Crow as the "greatest all-rounder" he had ever driven.

EVO Tuned Car of the Year: #1 Runner-Up VF Engineering's Supercharged Audi R8 took second place in the awards and EVO summarised the conversion:

"Sometimes it's the more subtle tuning efforts that are the most impressive. VF Engineering's beautiful supercharger upgrade for the V8 Audi R8 is a perfect case in point. Upping the sweeter-handling R8's power to a V10-beating 548bhp and 437lb/ft is genius, for it gives you the best of both worlds. Expertly installed in the UK by APS of Brackley to factory standard, it's £22k very well spent."

APS are one of Milltek's premiere UK VAG-specialists and naturally chose to pair the supercharger with a Milltek Sport cat-back exhaust system which removes the secondary catalysts to help aid gas flow, increase power and, provide all the aural drama that such a complete supercar transformation deserves.