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United Kingdom FlagMilltek Sport Reveals 2013 Time Attack Plans

2013 Time Attack Plans Revealed: click to enlargeAfter enjoying the spoils of victory from the 2012 UK Time Attack Championship, Exhaust manufacturer Milltek used the 2013 Autosport International Show to announce its somewhat different approach to this season’s campaign.

Having obliterated the Club Classes last year with the faultless reliability and prodigious power of its Nissan GT-R, driven by capable wheelman, Richard Marshall, this year Milltek returns to its VW Group roots with a stunningly-prepared VW Golf GTI Mk6 - ready to take the battle to the hotly-contested Club Pro 2WD class, where they look set to go head to head with the reigning champion Bo Nielsen in his Astra VXR Coupe.

The new car is being built from the ground up and is based on a low-mileage, non sunroof 3-door Mk6 shell. The preparation of the new car is being handled in cooperation between Milltek's engineers and KPM Racing in Silverstone, the car will feature a full wide arch aero body kit from Volkswagen Racing in Poland. Although the kit adds a welcome aesthetic boost, it also allows the car to run a much wider track, along with wider rims and fatter race rubber. It will be one the first cars thus equipped in the UK, if not the first...

With a worked-over 2.0 TFSI VW engine the car on the cards, featuring all manner of balanced and blue-printed tricks, power is projected to be in the region 400+bhp - and with a dry weigh of less than 1100kg, this Wolfsburg wunderkind should be able to turn in some impressive times. The exhaust will be a bespoke creation from Milltek’s competition division, providing invaluable R&D for future VW Group applications.

Inside, the car will be built to the very latest MSA safety regs and feature a full FIA approved roll cage, race seats and harnesses. Outside, expect an instantly recognisable Milltek themed graphic and decal scheme.

Commenting on the new season, Milltek managing director Phil Millington said ‘Having ticked the ‘AWD powerhouse’ box last season – and finishing where we’d hoped, we thought it would be a great idea in our 30th year to tip our hat to our numerous VAG fans. The Golf is much more of an engineering challenge in order to make it really competitive, but we’ve worked with KPM before and we’re confident that with a few test miles under our belt, their workmanship, Richard’s driving skill and the team’s tireless energy, we should be near the front sooner rather than later. Either way, it’s going to be a great season shaking the new car down. Do come and cheer us on!’

The Time Attack season starts on the 1st April at Cadwell Park.