Our research and development team have recently completed an all new exhaust system for the Audi C8 RS6 and it’s time to find out how it compares to the original system… This OPF back Milltek Sport system features a more liberating 80mm T304 stainless steel pipe, making it perfectly road legal but much more exciting!

As soon as you start the engine, the mighty RS6 rumbles to life with that classic V8 growl, settling down into a smooth purr that flows through the new Milltek system, producing a crisp and deep note when idling and a relatively calm sound when setting off gradually, making it a perfectly suitable system for people living in quiet neighborhoods. Watching the RS6 pull away quickly from a stand-still, you can observe the outlet valves opening, unleashing a powerful punch of sound fading into the distance. The effortless torque produced by the Audi’s 4.0L V8 sounds endless throughout every gear and shifts can be clearly heard even with the resonated system fitted.

The Milltek Sport OPF back system is the perfect aftermarket exhaust for people looking to enhance the sound, aesthetics and performance of their Audi RS6s whilst remaining fully road legal. This system is designed to improve the tone and airflow of the engine without producing distasteful noise or cabin drone, making it practical for cruising down the motorway or enjoying improved throttle response and power on open A-roads.

Looking for something even more daring? Milltek Sport have also developed large bore downpipes with backpressures as low as 200 CPSI, for both the OE and Milltek Sport system, offering an even more liberating gas flow directly from the turbos. These pipes unlock yet more power, sound and throttle response compared to the factory exhaust and requires stage 2 ECU software.

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