How Do I Become a Milltek Sport Dealer?

At Milltek, we are always looking for specialist tuners to build upon our highly successful network of stockists around the World. If you think your company has what it takes, you can apply here.

Why can’t I buy direct from your website?

We are focused on engineering and delivering the best quality products to the performance aftermarket industry, so while we do that, we have developed a trusted network of international dealers that are fully trained up on our products to offer our customers technical and sales support.

How can you guarantee such high quality?

We are continuously evolving our business through quality engineering practices, alongside extensive research and development. Our quality standards are stringent from the earliest of development phases right through to despatch to ensure that everything is designed to a high standard, and subsequently manufactured and delivered to the same standard.

Can I buy parts individually?

You can buy hi-flow cats as a stand-alone product. Otherwise units are sold as either cat-back or rear box only. This is because Milltek Sport exhaust systems are designed to be genuine performance systems, and therefore cannot mix and match.

How much weight can I save with a Milltek Sport Exhaust?

This is variable dependant on the system. Our design philosophy is to develop market leading products that provide the best performance, and where possible aid in vehicle lightweighting. Specific information can be found on each of the product pages where lightweighting has been achieved.

I can’t find my vehicle system on your website, are you developing new products?

We are constantly expanding our performance exhaust system range, so if you have a specific vehicle model that we don’t currently cater for please get in touch, as it may already be in development or something that we could work on together!

Is it legal to de-cat my car?

De-catting a car in the UK that is registered after 1993 is illegal, as it will fail an emission check.

What alternative do I have to a de-cat?

A hi-flow cat will increase flow by as much as 30% over the original manufacturer’s unit.


How much more power can I get from a Milltek Sport Exhaust?

Every car has different characteristics, and the power gain can vary greatly between them. Typically, 8-10% is the most accurate general figure to cover most variations.

What is the pipe diameter specification on your performance exhaust products?

Exhaust sizes can vary from part to part. The pipe diameter specified gives an indicative size for the system as a whole and does not necessarily mean every part within the system is of a uniform size.

What is a resonator and what's the difference between a resonated and non-resonated exhaust system?

A resonator is a chamber in the exhaust system that contains a specific volume of air that is designed to cancel out certain frequencies of sound made by the engine; essentially reducing or hiding the noise that the engine is producing.

Therefore, a non-resonated exhaust system will give you extra performance and a louder exhaust note, while the resonated system will give you extra performance whilst minimally changing the exhaust note.

Will I need to modify my vehicle in order to fit a Milltek custom exhuast?

No! Milltek Sport performance exhaust systems are direct replacements for original systems and come with complete fitting kits. There are some vehicles that may require different rear valances to be fitted to allow tailpipes to exit the rear bumper. (This will be made clear to you by your local dealer.)

Will my vehicle need a re-map after fitting a Milltek Sport exhaust system?

For cat- back and rear silencer only upgrades, a re-map will not be required. For downpipes and full turbo back systems there may be an applicable re-map (this will be listed on each product and advised to you by your chose Milltek Sport dealer).

How do I fit my new Milltek Sport exhust sytem?

Fitting the systems is very straight forward and can usually be done by any reasonably competent DIY mechanic. However, if you are not confident in doing the fitment yourself, you could always get a quote from your local garage / Milltek Sport dealer to carry out the fitting. Alternatively, you can download our exhaust fitting guide.

How does a Milltek Sport Downpipe improve turbo spool?

On forced induction applications, our downpipes and performance exhaust systems are designed to reduce back pressure and increase flow rate; which helps turbo chargers come on boost sooner and not be restricted in the same way as the OEM systems can be, particularly where the car is tuned and / or remapped.


I want an exhuast system that gives out a sporty sound, but not one that is so loud that it disturbs others and is uncomfortable on long journeys.

Our engineers aim to find the perfect balance between maximum performance increase and maintaining a reasonable noise level. Our systems are designed to appeal to enthusiasts of all levels, and because of this, we offer both resonated and non-resonated versions of most of our performance exhaust systems.

Is my performance exhust system covered by a guarantee or warranty?

Original purchasers are covered with some form of guarantee and/or warranty. Cat back exhaust systems are covered by an anti-corrosion and manufacturing defect warranty, whilst hi-flow sports catalysts and downpipes are covered by a 2 year or 80,000km warranty.

We do not cover against any modifications made to our product after it has left our factory, or for unusual use of the system – for example, the use of Nitrous Oxide (NOS), aftermarket launch control systems, damage caused by going over a speed bump too fast etc.

Our warranties are offered on the understanding that the cars power may be increased by up to 33% from its original specification but exclude improper modification. Modifications made to increase the power beyond this will render the warranty void.

We pride ourselves on our after-sales support and customer service and guarantee to look into each case on an individual basis.

All warranty cases should be dealt with by the Milltek Sport appointed distributor from who you purchased the system. However, if you are dissatisfied with the service of your distributor in response to your claim, you can contact us at

NB: Milltek Sport hi-flow sports catalysts are manufactured from the highest quality materials and built with maximum performance and longevity in mind. However, they are designed to work specifically in conjunction with other Milltek Sport products and should not be used on their own (with the OEM exhaust system) or with other manufacturers exhaust systems. If the Milltek Sport catalysts are fitted with non-Milltek exhaust systems, we are unable to provide any guarantee regarding the noise quality, fit, performance or warranty against their operation.

How do I clean my stainless-steel exhaust tailpipes without scratching or damaging them?

We recommend that you should clean your tailpipes regularly to prevent them suffering from discolouration. Because of the high quality of our stainless-steel, you will always be able to get them back to looking brand new, without any degradation to the materials. It is important to note that the longer you have left the tailpipes without cleaning them, the harder this task will be.

After several months of testing in all markets and weather conditions, we have released our own Milltek Sport tailor made metal polish, that will render any stainless-steel exhaust system or metal component ready for concours or show duty with the minimum of effort. Perfect not only for keeping your Milltek Sport exhaust system in good condition, but also any other polished or chromed parts on your car.

Can I get a copy of the EC Approval certificate?

EC Approval certificates will be issued with your system by the approved Milltek Sport dealer you buy it from (if applicable).

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