Since the beginning of Milltek Sport, Motorsport has continued to grow as an important part of our business. Our involvement in some of the top levels of Motorsport has driven the knowledge and expertise of our research and development team, and allowed us to advance the development of our performance exhaust systems, and now the development of a range of all new pit & paddock equipment.

Our involvement as Technical Partners to professional racing teams has allowed us to provide them with quality performance exhaust systems that are tailored to the driver's specifications. Understanding the stresses these vehicles endure and the reliable performance enhancing features needed to help these professional racing drivers reach their pinnacle performance.

However, we have come to understand that not only is the performance capabilities of our technical partners' vehicles important, but the pit-crew behind them as well. Their efficient expertise in maintaining the vehicles operation is vital to the success of the team, which is why we have fabricated pit and paddock tools they would need to better aid them in optimising their capabilities, helping them achieve their racing positions to the best of their abilities.

Milltek Sports range of pit and paddock equipment consists of a variety of tools:



Available in alternate variations to accommodate either single or double compressed air bottles, being designed to swiftly transport them to the vehicle in the event of a wheel changeover.



These bath tanks partially submerge the wheels whilst being placed on rollers to enable quicker cleaning finishes, properly preparing the wheels for the challenge to come.



Having enough capacity to fit the needs of a demanding pit crew and are versatile enough to be quickly and easily transported to the pit lane in the heat of a pit stop.

This equipment has been fabricated with the same aim in mind as with all Milltek Sport products; to be reliable and quality performing goods that fulfil customer requirements, satisfying beyond expectation.

Martin Broadhurst, Technical Director of Power Maxed Racing says "Having worked with Milltek for multiple seasons for our exhaust components, when they told us they were looking to manufacture a range of pitlane equipment, we knew it would be of fantastic quality. We've worked closely with them to develop the products, and after rigorous testing both in and out of BTCC pitlane, we have absolute confidence in them. After years of using alternative products we wouldn't use anyone else now."

These products are AVAILABLE NOW to any interest motorsport customers. Visit your nearest dealer to place your order!