Milltek Sport Once Again Set the Stage for the Thrilling Destination Nürburgring Event

As we travel back to Milltek Sport GmbH this weekend for the next DN event, we are reflecting on the event we hosted earlier in the year!

Destination Nürburgring (DN) is a track-day event at the daring racing-circuit: the Nürburgring, hosted by Ringweekends Ltd. Their aim is to provide quality, organised motoring events for all enthusiasts, letting people experience first-hand what it is like driving in some of the most famous places; the Eifel Mountains and the Nürburgring.

The event earlier this year was a thrilling experience unlike any other. We were and are proud to be once again hosting the driver’s briefing at the Milltek Sport GmbH site. Motorsport is a very important part of Milltek Sport. Our contribution and work with professional racing teams has greatly supported our knowledge and expertise in performance exhaust systems, and we look to take any opportunity we can to help support these events.

Ringweekends Ltd was founded by Darren Langeveld. Over the years, Darren has built a mass of knowledge and connections in the business community in Nürburg, accompanying a thorough knowledge of Nordschleife, he has been able to create a professionally organised event for all to come and enjoy. Over the years, we have worked closely with Darren and his team, helping accommodate all drivers seeking to take their tuned-up vehicles out onto the ring and try out the track for themselves.

The Milltek Sport GmbH site was flooded with cars of all kinds of modification styles, bringing together a diverse collection of performance vehicles from all around Europe. The event gave us the chance to catch up with Darren and meet some of these daring drivers, and were able to discuss some of the insane performance enhancements some had fitted to their cars. Needless to say, the track-day was shaping up to be some adrenaline fuelled, motor madness.

Seeing all these daring drivers racing round the track was a true spectacle, so of course we had to get involved. We sent in our Milltek VW UP! GTI to check out how it handles the circuit, introducing some Milltek Sport performance to the track-day. This gave us the chance to test out the recently installed Forge Motorsport prototype induction-kit and dump valve in our UP! GTI.

The Milltek UP! GTI has been fitted with various aftermarket products, of course including our very own Cat-Back system. The circuit is famous for testing a car’s performance as well as a driver’s skill behind the wheel. Needless to say, the track was plenty challenging, and the Milltek pocket rocket was raring to go!

Our UP! GTI wasn’t the only car bringing the Milltek presence to the track. Some of the daring drivers were boasting the sound of Milltek Sport with their aftermarket systems. The Rent-4-Rings Suzuki Swifts were out on track giving drivers an immersive racing experience and they were featuring their latest vehicle instalments, Milltek Sport Performance exhaust systems.

The addition of our exhausts adds the finishing touches to the swifts. The exhaust sound further adds to the cars driving experience, enhancing the vehicle’s overall performance and attitude, putting the driver in the centre of the action and giving a truly unique racing experience.

The event had a huge turnout and was a brilliant success for Darren and his team. It was great to meet so many drivers to share our passion with. We are very much to being part of the event next week!